A Must-Have for Electric Vehicle Owners: Benefits of Using a Portable EV Charger

In modern life, EVs have become an indispensable travel partner. For owners of plug-in hybrid EVs, it's crucial to know how to charge them at home. Next, let’s dive into this topic: 

Portable Charging Solution When purchasing a plug-in hybrid car, car owners usually receive a portable ev charger as a gift from the 4S store, which is like a small assistant tailored for their car. This charger is cleverly designed and simply connects it to a 220V standard socket at home to start the charging process. It works on the same principle as a home electric vehicle charger, providing the vehicle with the power support it needs. 

Take the Volkswagen Passat PHEV as an example. The Volkswagen Passat PHEV is a representative of this type of model. Its plug-in hybrid technology allows it to find a balance between environmental protection and practicality. Car owners only need to plug the car charger into the socket at home to charge at home. Equipped with a 1.6 kW portable ev charger and 10A plug, although the charging time may take up to 7 hours, it is convenient enough for daily use. 

Safe Charging Precautions When using a portable ev charger, it is crucial to make sure you choose an outlet with a grounded wire. If conditions permit, the use of dedicated charging piles can significantly increase the charging speed, allowing car owners to enjoy a faster charging experience. 

The future of new energy vehicles As a type of new energy vehicle, plug-in hybrid vehicles not only have the green characteristics of electric vehicles, but also retain the engine as supplementary power. The large-capacity battery design enables it to achieve zero emissions and zero fuel consumption in pure electric mode, meeting the dual needs of modern consumers for environmental protection and economy. 

In short, for plug-in hybrid vehicle owners, mastering home charging skills is key to daily use. With the complimentary portable ev charger, car owners can easily recharge their EVs at home and enjoy a more convenient travel life.

What is a Portable EV Charger? 

A portable EV charger, also known as a portable electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), is a compact and lightweight device that allows EV owners to charge their vehicles from a standard electrical outlet. These chargers are designed to be easily transportable, making them ideal for on-the-go charging, whether at home, work, or on a road trip. 

Key Features of Portable EV Chargers 

Portable EV chargers come with a range of features that make them a practical and essential accessory for EV owners. Some of the key features to look for in a portable EV charger include: 

1. Compact and Lightweight Design: Portable EV chargers are designed to be easily carried in the trunk of an EV or stored in a garage without taking up much space. 

2. Versatile Compatibility: Look for a charger that is compatible with a wide range of EV models, ensuring that it can be used with different vehicles. 

3. Fast Charging Capability: The best portable EV chargers are capable of delivering a high charging speed, allowing EV owners to top up their vehicle's battery quickly and efficiently. 

4. Safety Features: It's important to choose a charger that comes with built-in safety features such as overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, and overheating protection to ensure safe and reliable charging.

Benefits of Using a Portable EV Charger

There are several benefits to using a portable EV charger, making it a must-have accessory for EV owners:

1. Convenience: With a portable EV charger, EV owners can charge their vehicles wherever there is access to a standard electrical outlet, providing the flexibility to charge at home, work, or while traveling.

2. Emergency Charging: In the event of a low battery or unexpected travel, a portable EV charger can provide a reliable solution for emergency charging, ensuring that EV owners are never stranded without power.

3. Cost Savings: By having the ability to charge their EVs from a standard outlet, owners can save on the cost of installing a dedicated home charging station, making portable EV chargers a cost-effective charging solution.

4. Environmental Impact: Using a portable EV charger allows EV owners to take advantage of renewable energy sources, reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Choosing the Right Portable EV Charger

Portable EV charger is an essential accessory for electric vehicle owners, offering the convenience and flexibility to charge their vehicles wherever they go. With the rise in EV ownership, the demand for reliable and practical charging solutions has never been greater, making portable EV chargers a must-have for any EV owner. By investing in a high-quality portable EV charger, EV owners can enjoy the benefits of convenient charging, emergency charging capabilities, cost savings, and a positive impact on the environment.

J1772 Type 1 EV Charging Cable 3 Pin 8A 10A 13A IP67 PHEV Portable EV Charger

Rated current: 16A,24A ,32A,40A
Operating voltage: 110V~250V AC
Insulation resisitance:>1000MΩ
Therminal temperature rise:<50K
Withstand voltage:2000V
Working temperature: -30°C ~+50°C
Contact impedance: 0.5m Max


Post time: Jul-02-2024
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