32A 40Amp EV Charger Level 2 Type 1 J1772 Plug NEMA 14-50 Portable Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Short Description:

Rated current: 16A,24A ,32A,40A 

Operating voltage: 110V~250V AC
Insulation resisitance:>1000MΩ
Therminal temperature rise:<50K
Withstand voltage:2000V
Working temperature: -30°C ~+50°C
Contact impedance: 0.5m Max


Product Detail

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Portable Electric Vehicle


High compatibility
High speed charging
Equipped Type A+6ma DC filter
Automatically Intelligent Repair
Automatically restart function
Over-temperature protection
Full link temperature control system

Integrated design
Long working Life
Good conductivity
Self filter the surface impurities
Silver plating design of terminals
Real-time temperature monitoring
Heat Sensor guarantee the charging safety

LCD display
IK10 Rugged enclosure
Higher waterproof performance
IP66, rolling-resistance system
Comfortable to touch
Durable and preservative
EU standard ,Halogon-free
High and cold temperature resistance

Portable Electric Vehicle2

The portable electric car charger belongs to the LEVEL 2 AC charger, and the charging power is generally 3.6kW-22kW. In order to prevent potential safety hazards due to incorrect use, please read the equipment manual carefully before use. Do not charge in places that do not meet the charging conditions. Ensure that the power supply and wiring are in a normal state before use.

☆ Do not immerse the device in water.
☆ Do not use it in an environment that exceeds the operating temperature.
☆ Do not put your fingers into the car end plug when the device is connected to the power source.
☆ Do not use when the equipment and cables are found to be damaged.
☆ Do not use the device for charging other than electric vehicles.
☆ When using the adapter (10A to 16A), it is prohibited to adjust the charging device to 16A mode, Prevent safety hazards!
☆ The precautions for use include but are not limited to those listed above.
☆ If you are not sure whether it will cause safety hazards, please contact after-sales service in time.

Portable Electric Vehicle3
Electrical Specification Working Environment
Input Voltage 100V AC Waterproof Protection Degree IP66
Output voltage 250V AC Maximum Altitude <2000m
Max. output Current 16A Environment Temperature -40℃ ~ +55℃
Max. output Power 3.6kW Relative Humidity 0-95% non-condensing
Input Frequency 47~63Hz Standby Power Consumption <8W
Charging interface type IEC 62196-2, SAE J1772 Cooling Natural air cooling
Function and Accessory Certificate
Ethernet/WIFI/4G/Bluetooth No CE FCC
1.8-inch color display CCC CSA
RCD Type A  / Type A+6mA IK10 IP66
LED Indicator light Rolling
Intelligent power adjustment Yes
Portable Electric Vehicle4
Portable Electric Vehicle5

☆  Convenient Control

TIME: Press the button once means it will charge 1 hour, press 9 times at most.
CURRENT: It can switch 5 current (6A/8A/10A/13A/16A) to charge your car.
DELAY:Press once to delay for 1 hour, you can press 9 times at most.
☆  LED Display

LED display could show the real-time charging status, including time, voltage, current, power and temperature.

☆  Adjustable Curren

Customers could adjust different current as their request.Also the charger which equipped the adaptor could automatically identify different plug types and control the current upper limit to keep safe.

☆  Type B (Type A + DC 6mA)

The special "self-clean" design. The impurities on the surface of the pins can be removed in each plug-in process. It could also effectively reducing the generation of the electric sparks.

☆  Full Link Temperature Monitoring System

Besen's original "full link" temperature control system can protect the temperature of 75 ° and cut off the current for 0.2S when temperature over 75°.

☆  Automatically Intelligent Repair

The smart chip is equipped to automatically repair common charging errors. It could also restart the power to protect the device from stopping charge caused by voltage fluctuation.

☆  IP66, Rolling-resistance System

Rugged shell which could resist the rolling and crash of the car.
IP66 ensure the perfect work outdoors in any environment including rain and snow.

  Temperature Monitoring

Real-time monitor is equipped to detect the temperature of the car-end and the wall-end plugs.
Once the temperature is detected above 80℃, the current will be cut off immediately. When the temperature returns below 50℃, charging will resume off.

☆  Battery Protection

Accurate monitoring of PWM signal changes, Effective repair of capacitor units, Maintenance of battery life.

☆  High Compatibility

Fully compatible with all EV in the market.

Portable Electric Vehicle6


☆  We can provide customers with professional product advice and purchase options.
☆  All emails will be responded within 24 hours during working days.
☆  We have online customer service in English, French, German and Spanish. You can communicate with ease, or contact us through email anytime.
☆  All customers will get one-on-one service.

☆  We have warehouses throughout Europe and North America.
☆  Samples or test orders can be delivered within 2-5 working days.
☆  Orders in standard products above 100pcs could be delivered within 7-15 working days.
☆  Orders that require customization could be produced within 20-30 working days.

☆  We provide flexible customized services with our abundant experiences in kinds of OEM and ODM projects.
☆  OEM includes color, length, logo, packaging, etc.
☆  ODM includes product appearance design, function setting, new product development, etc.
☆  MOQ is depend on different customized requests.

☆  Please contact our sales department for more details.

☆  The warranty of all our products is one year. The specific after-sale plan will be free for replacement or charging a certain maintenance cost according to the specific situations.
☆  However, according to the feedback from markets, we seldom have after-sale problems because strict product inspections are carried out before leaving the factory. And all of our products are certificated by top testing institutions such as CE from Europe and CSA from Canada. Providing safe and guaranteed products is always one of our greatest strengths.

Portable Electric Vehicle7

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