What is the difference between a J1772 and CCS plug?

The J1772 (SAE J1772 plug) and CCS (Combined Charging System) plugs are both types of connectors used for charging electric vehicles (EVs). Here are the key differences between the two:

The CCS plug offers greater charging speed and compatibility with different charging standards, making it more suitable for EVs that require faster charging times and support for DC fast charging station. However, the J1772 plug remains widely used and sufficient for slower charging needs.


Charging Capability: The J1772 plug is primarily used for Level 1 and Level 2 charging, which provides power at a slower rate (up to about 6-7 kW). On the other hand, the CCS plug supports both Level 1/2 charging and Level 3 DC fast charging, which can deliver power at a much faster rate (up to several hundred kilowatts). 

Physical Design: The J1772 plug has a circular shape with five pins, designed for AC charging. It consists of a standard connector for power transfer and an additional pin for communication purposes. The CCS plug is an evolution of the J1772 plug and has an additional two large pins for DC charging, allowing it to handle both AC and DC charging. 

Compatibility: A CCS plug is backward-compatible with a J1772 plug, meaning that a vehicle with a CCS inlet can also accept a J1772 connector. However, a J1772 plug cannot be used for DC fast charging or connect to a CCS inlet specifically designed for it. 

Charging Infrastructure: CCS plugs are more commonly used in fast charging stations across Europe and North America, supporting both AC and DC charging. J1772 plugs are more prevalent in Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations, which are commonly found in homes, workplaces, and public charging points. 


CCS Combo 2 Plug to Converter to CCS Combo 1 Plug
If your electric vehicle has the European standard CCS Combo 2 inlet for DC fast charging, and you wish to use DC fast chargers in the US, Korea, or Taiwan, then this adapter is for you! This durable adapter lets your CCS Combo 2 vehicle charge at full speed at all CCS Combo 1 quick charger stations. Rated for up to 150 amps and 600 volts DC DUOSIDA 150A CCS1 to CCS2 Adaptor.

How to use:

We recommend to use the following steps:

1.Plug in the Combo 2 end of the adapter to the charging cable

2.Plug in the Combo 1 end of the adapter to the car’s charging socket

3.After the adapter has clicked in place you are ready for the charge*

*Don’t forget to activate the charging station

When you finish with the charge, disconnect the vehicle side first and then the charging station side. Remove the cable from the charging station when not in use.

Post time: Nov-17-2023
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