CCS Combo Charging Standard Map: See Where CCS1 And CCS2 Are Used Electric Vehicle Fast Charging System

CCS Combo Charging Standard Map: See Where CCS1 And CCS2 Are Used

The Combo 1 or CCS (Combined Charging System) plug is a High Voltage DC system that can charge up to 80 kilowatts or 500VDC at 200A. It can also charge using just the J1772 Plug/Inlet
The map that you see above shows which CCS Combo fast charging standards were officially selected (on government/industry level) in particular markets.
CCS type 2 DC Combo charging connector Type 2 CCS Combo 2 Mennekes Europe standard of ev charger.CCS – DC Combo charging inlet max 200Amp with 3 meter cable
Whether charging on an AC power grid or fast DC charging – Phoenix Contact offers the right connection system for Type 1, Type 2, and the GB standard. The AC and DC charging connectors are safe, reliable, and user-friendly.This is the CCS Combo or Combined Charging System version of the Type 2 plug. This connector allows fast charging on public DC terminals.Type 2 CCS Combo

It has been developed to expand the Type 2 connector’s power capabilities, which can now be up to 350kW.

Combined AC/DC charging system
AC connection systems for Type 1 and Type 2
AC and DC connection system in accordance with GB standard
DC charging system for electric vehicles
The Combined Charging System (CCS) is available in two separate versions (not physically compatible) – CCS Combi 1/CCS1 (based on SAE J1772 AC, also called SAE J1772 Combo or AC Type 1) or CCS Combo 2/CCS 2 (based on the European AC Type 2).
As we can see on the map, provided by Phoenix Contact (using CharIN data), the situation is complicated.
CCS1: North America is the primary market. South Korea also also signed in, sometimes CCS1 is used in other countries.
CCS2: Europe is the primary market, joined by multiple other market officially (Greenland, Australia, South America, South Africa, Saudi Arabia) and seen in multiple other countries that not yet decided.
CharIN, the company responsible for the coordination of the CSS development, recommends for the untapped markets to join the CCS2 as it’s more universal (besides DC and 1-phase AC, it can handle also 3-phase AC). China sticks with its own GB/T charging standards, while Japan is all-in with CHAdeMO.
We guess that most of the world will join the CCS2.

An important factor is that Tesla, the world’s largest electric car manufacturer, offers its new cars in Europe, compatible with the CCS2 connector (AC and DC charging).

Post time: May-23-2021
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